Smart Home.

Do you know there are people out there who hardly know where their light switches are?

Here is an example of a simple setup:
10 minutes before the sun sets, turn on the kitchen and living room lights.
Set the upstairs thermostat to 65 degrees.
Lock the frontdoor
Warn me if any windows are open

4 minutes after the sun has set.
Turn on the outside lights
Turn on the TV to News 1
Turn of the monitor
Turn on the alarm

When motion is detected upstairs
Turn off the kitchen lights
Turn off all TV int he house
Lock all doors

When car 1 arrives at night
Turn of the alarm and open the garage door

When the sun rises
If there is movement inside the house
Turn off the alarm
Turn on the coffee maker and the TV
Get a news update from Alexa
Turn on different music in different kids room

This is just a simple setup to make your home a smart home , with home automation you can get some very fancy setup and all can be done by Geeks Support.

Smart Home

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